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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking Mikey to Dorey Park

The other day, we took Mikey to Dorey Park. On the way there we listened to a Seeds Family Worship album, Seeds of Faith. Yeah! Which, by the way, I still have that coupon code if interested. Just let me know.

When we finally got to Dorey Park, there were only 2 kids there which rather surprised me. The boys told me they were 8 and 5.

I rocked them on the big see saw for awhile until their parents said they were going to go walk down by the pond.

It was kind of funny because a short time before the younger boy was in the house at the little bull horn saying, "Mom can we go to Chucky Cheese??" (his parents said "NO" of course), and when the parents called the boys over to go to the pond, the little boy asked, "We're going to Chucky Cheeses?!". Haha.

Ok back to Mikey. We let Mikey run around the place, and I took pictures. Mikey first got on the little see saw with Dad.

Then later he wanted to wander around, and he soon wandered over to the car. He climbed in the back of it and played with the mulch inside.

Eventually he got pretty bored with that and ran back outside to find some "awesome" things in the mulch that he could stick in his mouth and play around with. We had to make sure he didn't get the popped water balloons on the ground.

Once over at the big see saw, where everyone was sitting, Mikey found cheerios on the ground. Cheerios!! He found cheerios IN THE MULCH and started eating them. Only a baby could find cheerios in the mulch. Lol.

Mikey also decided to drive the car. With his cup full of water in his mouth (held by his teeth), he drove. Vroom! Vrooom!

I don't suppose you're getting tired of me yabbering on, so I'll just post some pictures.

See sawing with Uncle Bill.

Checking out the house.

Oooh wow! Binoculars.

What happened to the rest of the car?

Riding with Jaime.

Getting on the giant worm (or whatever that thing's s'posed to be).

Silly Willy.

Getting into the play trailer.

His face was all red. It was kind of hot.

Finding treasures in the mulch. One man's trash is another man's treasure, aye Mikey?

Thirsty. =Þ Mom dripped water on his head. That's why his hair looks so funny.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey....MIKEY! What have I told you about drinking and driving? >:(

Oooh wow tees. Coool. *grunts*

Me on the way home.

A locust skin I found on the way in the house.

Mikey was hungry when we got home from Dorey Park, so we gave him some crackers and water....and apple sauce a short while later.

Laughing at me. =Þ

He he he!

Checking out the ceiling.

Ah ha ha, Aunt Missy.


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