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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mikey Man

We took Mikey for a walk around the block today in the stroller. Jaime and Will took turns running him around while I held Annie (our dog) on the leash. It was pretty fun.

When we got back to the house, we let Mikey wander around the front yard. He quite enjoyed pushing his stroller around. Even gave me a hug (one of his falling-on-top-me-while-I'm-sitting-on-the-ground hugs. =D).

Later in the day (or possibly before) we (Will, Jaime, and Me later) swung Mikey around in his toy bucket. Toy bucket as in: the bucket he puts his toys in. ;)

Soon after Mikey had gotten up from his nap, Jaime (I think it was her) put a movie on. Well, I was just sitting there watching it, and Mikey runs up to me, bringing me all these toys. He's throwing tennis balls at me, bringing me a toy to wind up for him, climbing up in my lap, begging for little pieces of my apple....yeah, silly kid. Ha. =)

Then later, I picked up all these little blocks and toys, and Mikey takes the little block bucket and dumps it right on his head! I clean it up again, and what does he do? Dumps it on his head. And then, once their all on the ground he starts going crazy with his hands whacking blocks everywhere. Guess it wasn't messy ENOUGH for him. Ha!

Man, I love that boy! Even if he is bratty sometimes.


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