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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thinking About It

My parents are actually thinking about getting chickens in our backyard which might not be a bad idea. The only thing I'm dreading is if we would have to eat the eggs.

And if their are too many, then Mom will probably be making lots of egg breakfasts. I hate eggs. I don't mind them in things that you bake or whatever, but just eggs.

Seriously I think I'd rather eat them raw than I would cooked. I think I'll ask Mom if I could try it one day when she makes eggs again...probably Sunday. I can tell you it sounds so much tastier then fried or scrambled eggs.

Mom and Dad have been looking at chicken coup plans for a while. They want to tear down our old shed to build on top of it.

I don't know if we WILL do it or not, but I know they're thinking about it.



One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Robinsons!

Your chicken plans sound neat! Sorry you don't like eggs, Courney - they are so good scrambled! ;) [At least to me!]

I've been enjoying your blog! How long do you get to babysit your cousin, Mikey, for?

All for Jesus,
Kimber Wass.

Courtney or Jaime said...

Yes! I kind of like them scrambled sometimes. They're pretty good scrambled with ham in 'em. Just don't like them much.

We have them every Sunday, so I'm just getting kind of sick of them I guess.

Well, probably for a long time it seems. No time limit. I've really enjoyed babysitting that kid. Never really did too much with babies before. Never got much of a chance.

Nice hearing from you, Kimber! I love reading your blog too. You sure seem to keep up with it better than I can. =)


Ps: Do any of you do Facebook at all? Just wondering, so I can add you if you do. God bless!

Courtney or Jaime said...

We babysit Mikey Monday through Friday.

Mom has to get up at about 4:00 every morning because Mike (my cousin, Mikey's dad) has to leave really early. She has to drive over to the house and stay until the baby gets up at 7:00.

Then she brings Mikey over to our house, and he stays until around 5:30.