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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas Gifts

This weekend our Grandparents visited. We (without our Grandparents) made lots and lots of cookies. We made Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butterscotch Chip Cookies, and Ginger Cookies. Will was supposed to give Annie (our dog) a bath but Dad helped him and so did I. It was so funny when Dad was trying to get Annie into the bathroom. She hates water and is scared of thunderstorms. She was leaning as far back as she possibly could so that Dad couldn't get her into the bathroom. But Dad is stronger than she is so he got her in. She was trying to get out of the tub at first but after she felt the warm water she started cooperating more. We finished that and she got a treat for being a "good girl."

We used half of a large bag of chocolate chips for our Chocolate Chip Cookies and a whole small bag of butterscotch chips for our Butterscotch Chip Cookies. We usually double the recipe for our Ginger Cookies but since we had a bunch of other cookies we didn't this time. Even though we ate alot of cookies already there are still alot left. They were GOOD!! Mmmm...

We each got some presents from our Grandparents. Court got some "Brain Benders" (those wooden block puzzles that you have to somehow fit together), a folder, a couple of notebooks, ten dollars, a pencil that went with the notebooks, and a few books. Some Heroes Of The Faith
books and stuff like that. Will got some knee pads and stuff for when he skateboards (not the really cheap stuff), a folder with a couple of notebooks and a pencil, ten dollars, and a few books. I (Jaime) got a cross stitch thing, a folder, a couple of notebooks with a cut snowman pencil, a couple books, and ten dollars as well. We are all very thankful to our Grandparents.

We don't have an extra bedroom so they had to take Courtney's room. (She has a couch-bed.) I slept with Dad and Mom slept in my room. (Mom didn't sleep with Dad 'cause she can't sleep through his snorin'. Since I snore too, I don't even notice it.) I slept okay but it was kinda hard to get to sleep when I wasn't used to it.

Well, that's all for our early Christmas present post.

PS: Court just told me that Will did one of the "Brain Bender" things. :)

-Jaime Robinson-

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One of the Wassenbergs said...

For comments on the "NEW LOOK!" um.. It's kinda hard to read!

Love you anyway!! :)

His Princess,

Ps- We are doing our christmas Wednesday! I can't wait!- Did you see my comment on December 2nd?

Love you again!