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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Digital Camera

As you may know from reading one of my posts on Christmas, I received a digital camera. Above is the exact model. Of course, it isn't my camera that's being shown, just the model. I love it! I've found out alot about how to work it. It's actually pretty simple. It sure takes alot better pictures than my VC (video camera) does. I've taken quite a few pictures already, practically all of them being of my family. Jaime and Will were getting kind of annoyed at my taking pictures of them, though. Of course I had to take pictures of something to test it out, right? Yeah, so I love it. Got to get some pictures of Will doing kickflips or something on his skateboard. Here are some of the pictures I took between Christmas and today.

Dad at the Computer

Mom Chewing a Tootsie Roll (lol she looks so funny)

Will (look at them dimples!)

Jaime Uncovering the Chocolate Pudding Pie (Christmas Dessert)

Annie, our Adorable 10 Year Old Puppy, Sleeping with her Bone

Here's Annie Squinting at the Bright Flash

One of my Puppets, Terrance (this was just a test pic)

Another Test Pic on Jaime's Puppet, Nate

One of my Lovebirds, Spanky, Peeking out from the Bed Mom made for him and Fruity

Fruity, Spanky's Girl (if you know what I mean)

Little One (Faithful), Fruity and Spanky's Daughter

And Last but not Least, the Unexpected Visitor I found on my Bedroom Floor on Christmas Night

There are alot more photos, but that's good for now.


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