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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some Cute Animal Pictures

This isn't really much of a post but I just couldn't resist putting on some pictures of Annie, our adorable pit bull mix...

The lighting isn't very good in this one
but it is one of the few pictures I found.

Alligator!!! No, this is just Annie yawning.

Annie smiling at us.

I have no idea what she is doing here.

Annie again...I think she is panting...

Annie once more.

Is it just me or does it look like she
is winking?

Annie sniffing the air.

Oh...surprise guest. This is Fruity, the mother
of Faithful, and some other birds...I think one of the
others was named Patience. (We don't have any
pictures of him that I know of.)

Here is Faithful. She is a little bit mean at times.
Once she bit me on the ear. And I'll tell you, that hurt!
She has been nicknamed "Little One" even though she
is no longer little. Well, same size as the others.

Faithful or "Little One" again. She is close up on this one.

Alright, back to Annie.

He was right there in our garden! Right in front of our
house! Luckily, it was only a black snake.

Aww! Isn't she cute?

Annie sleeping in Courtney's covers.

Well, I guess that is about all for now...just wait until I get some recent pics though. I have something pretty funny in the house.

-Jaime Robinson-


galleta said...

i like your dog! how cute! LOL

Florence said...

Your dog is really really cute. Tell me about her. I found a pit bull mix I think is just as cute, I'm totally in love with him and I'm getting so much slack from my friends and neighbors about him. They all think he should be put down.............that he's going to harm my other dogs someday and even maybe turn on me? I've been reading on the internet about that breed and I get mixed reviews, mostly. I've raised many dogs and have never had any concerns about their temperament. Can you help me with my dismay of the perception/reputation these dogs have. I think it's about how they are raised.............i'm providing him a safe and secure environment, basically he thinks he's a big lap dog.....should I ignore the ignorant or is there some precautions to take when raising a pit mix???? Please help and feel free to email me at sista_flo@yahoo.com my name is florence and I live in Texas. I have three other dogs, a rat terrier, an australian shepherd mix and a border collie mix,as well as three cats.

Courtney, Jaime, and Will said...

Florence, I'm just a kid and I really don't know that much about dogs. Ours has always been friendly and never hurt us unless it was by accident when she was playing. Sorry I don't have any information for you. The first post on the blog was about her if you want to know how we got her. She is actually the one who found us. I hope you like the blog!

Jaime Robinson