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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Going Ons

Since Christmas is approaching, we're going to get next week off from school! Hurray! Not that I hate school or anything; it's just good to get a break once in a while.

Annie, our dog, has been sick. She threw up last night... =( I guess it's 'cause she's getting old. She's near 10 years old maybe. I'm not exactly sure.... Lol, we kind of babied her today, and let her sleep under the covers. (She doesn't usually get to sleep under the covers because she's so spoiled, she got to digging up the beds in order to get under.)

Jaime, Mom, Will, and I have been cutting out snowflakes for fun and hanging them in the window. Mom and Jaime made some really nice ones. Me? I'm not good with that. They all come out....well, not so nice as Mom's and Jaime's do. Jaime also made this little green, red, and yellow paper chain, which we hung up above the living room window.

We don't really do Christmas decorations, but we did take out this little nativity scene that Mrs. Deaton (and maybe the rest of her family too) made for us a few years ago. Not sure. Could have been a year........ I believe it was at least 2 years ago. It's a really nice one. It's got shingles made out of pine cone chips, and the bottom has moss for grass. There are 2 tied straw bales inside, and, of course, the baby Jesus in a manger, Mary, Joseph, and the wise men. An angel is on the front tied onto the roof. And besides all that, there are little Christmas lights weaved around the open edges, so that it lights up. I love it! All we need are some animals to place in there.

We won't be doing Christmas really big this year. We're just going to get a few gifts. I think I'll probably get a CD or 2 and then just ask for money to save up. I'm trying to save up for a laptop, you know like maybe a used one or something. So far I only have about $30 or $35 saved up.


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