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Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Nativity Set And The Snowflakes We Made

These are some photos of the nativity set that our friends (the Deatons) gave us and the snowflakes we made. I can't tell you who made each snowflake because I don't even know. Well, I hope you like them!

Here's the Nativity!!

The Nativity Set (I had to brighten this picture.)

I think this is what it was really like. Dark.

A picture of Mary and two of the wise men.

Joseph and the other wise man.

The only good picture I got of baby Jesus.

And Now For The Snowflakes

I do know that Mom made this one...
I remember admiring all those hearts!

And I know that I made this one. It's just
easier to remember which ones I made
'cause I can remember cutting and unfolding
them. See the leaf in the middle?

Mom made this one too...I like the way it
looks like a orange in the middle.

I have no idea who made this one...

And once again, Mom made this one.

Courtney made this one...

Mom made this one, I think...

I don't know who made this one either.

I made this one...

Creator unknown (lol)

Who knows who made this...

A picture of the snowflakes and the paper chain.

Another picture of the snowflakes.

And another...

I made this one.

I don't know who made this one.

And I made this one, too.

And Mom made this one.

Well, that's alot of them. I hope you liked them!!

-Jaime Robinson-


One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Jaime!
Those were really neat snowflakes!!

And By the way, I left a comment on December 2- I think it was called "the dream i had", or something like that!!


His Princess,

One of the Wassenbergs said...

Sorry Mess UP!!!

I am GOING to leave a comment on it!!