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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today is Christmas. We had eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. Then we cleaned up the kitchen really quickly, so that we could all give out gifts. We kids were the first to hand out our gifts. Dad got some screw drivers, candy, and a toothbrush. Mom was given a kitchen towel, dry erase markers for school, a candle, and some candy.

I got lots of candy from my siblings, beef jerky, a red sweatsuit, socks, and an awesome digital camera! The skateboarder of the family, Will, got some Tech Decks (mini skateboards for your fingers to do tricks on) along with a ramp and rail for his mini skate park. He also got some camouflage skateboard shoes, candy, jerky - errr - some jeans, boxers, cologne, and I think that's it. Jaime was given a gigantic pillow (it's about as long as her bed), candy of course (she loves smarties), jerky, a lamp, skateboard shoes (they're Hawks), and....that's probably it. Annie got a bone to chew and some dog treats. She also got some bacon this morning!

Our grandparents, Mommom and Poppop, got us ten bucks, notebooks, folders, and a few other things while they were here. They gave me some impossible puzzles. Jaime got some cross stitch stuff. Will got some kneepads which he can use at the skate park. So, yeah, that's about it. It was a pretty nice little Christmas, quiet and peaceful. Well, I s'pose that's about it.


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