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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Recent Projects

Will, being all interested in skateboarding, asked Dad to help him make a "funbox". The word "funbox" is in skateboarders language. If you're not a skateboarder you probably won't know what it is. I just know because Will told me what it was. A "funbox" is something you grind on. Well, Will and dad made the funbox tonight. They used old wood peices that we had. Will even got to use the electric saw----well, actually he was nervous and Dad made him use it. I'ts not all fancy or anything but Will is proud of it. He can hardly wait to try it out. Me? Naa, I can't ollie that high. (An ollie is a jump on a skateboard.) Will keeps saying to practice more and I guess that's how you get really good at it. What he doesn't understand is I'm not that interested in skateboarding, though. Well, that was the boy's activity.

Us girls, (Mom, Court, and I) made paper snowflakes and taped them to the front window. They look really neat. I think Mom was the best at them....not that Court wasn't good at them.....but Mom just thought of really good ideas. Don't ask me how. We made a million (exaggeration) snowflakes but she always had a new idea. Me? I just did the same cuts over and over with an extra snip here and there. But they all turned out good. It was a fun project. Will made a few only.....probably 4 or 5. I'm not sure. I was bored so I also made a long paper chain out of colored paper. I used all of the staples and almost a whole roll of tape. Today (Wednesday) Mom hung it up over the window. We don't do decorations for Christmas so it was a nice change from the normal. That was our Tuesday through Wednesday project.

That about sums up our recent projects. Lots of fun!!! Mom just vacuumed up all of the paper scraps that we dropped when we were making snowflakes so if I make more snowflakes I have to do it in my room. But we had fun and I can hardly wait until Christmas even though we aren't getting much.

-Jaime Robinson-

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